How Much Can My Vehicle Tow?

Towing a load that is too large is going to put you and everyone around you in danger. That is why it is so important to carefully check all of your vehicle’s specs and features before attaching anything to the hitch.

Your owner’s manual should contain a wide variety of information including horsepower, braking distance, tow capacity, proper hitch size, and wiring harness connections.

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Carpooling Tips: Get Ready for Back-To-School

Carpooling should be a safe and organized way for parents to share in the responsibility of transporting and picking up children during the school day. This will help you save time and gas money during the week, as you may only be responsible for one day of trips.

Keeping The Kids Safe

Children under 13 years old should ride in the back seats. If they are under 4ft 9in, they should have a booster seat with them in the mornings, so they can ride legally. 

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How Can Your Clean Your Car Quickly?

We here at Honda of Great Falls in Great Falls, MT want to be sure that all car owners are proud of the car they drive. And while frequent cleanings are an important part of car pride, we realize that you may not always have enough time to do a deep cleaning. That is why we want to be sure you know some quick cleaning methods.

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Here's What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle History Report

Finding a new-to-you car is a fantastic experience. You get to drive a different type of vehicle, experience new benefits, and enjoy the reliability that comes with a great car. It's important to review the vehicle history report before you finalize your purchase, however. A vehicle history report offers several important pieces of information you need to know about.

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Equip Yourself with the Latest Technology with a Backup Camera

Technology has revolutionized the way we drive cars. One of the most innovative tools of the last decade is the backup camera. This useful technology has been proven to help prevent accidents. Although the addition of a backup camera can add more cost to the price of any vehicle, the systems are being introduced more and more to even the most basic trim levels because of practicality.

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Important Things to Note on a Test Drive

We here at Honda of Great Falls want to help future car owners make informed decisions when selecting their next car. We want them to find a car that fits their needs perfectly.

  • When test driving used cars, note how it feels while cornering and braking. Take it on the freeway and around neighborhoods. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for the test drive. Don’t try and squeeze it in on your lunch break.
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The Benefits of Using a Car Cover on Your Vehicle

Here at Honda of Great Falls, we want you to get the most out of your vehicle by providing it great care. Using a cover to protect your car or truck when parked will prolong its life and keep up its value when used as often as possible.

A cover can help to prevent damage to your exterior by blocking sunlight and tree sap from affecting the paint, shielding it from flinging rocks or falling sticks, and deterring potential thieves from burglarizing it.

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Spring House Cleaning Means Spring Car Maintenance

Some components on your vehicle wear out, and there are fluids that should be checked on a regular basis. That's why, when you're doing spring cleaning on your house or apartment, you should also be doing some regular spring maintenance. At Honda of Great Falls in Great Falls, MT, we want to make sure that you know all about spring vehicle maintenance, so we're going to tell you a few tips.

One important type of maintenance that you should be doing is checking your windshield wiper blades. 

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Service the Suspension for a Better Ride

When a vehicle is difficult to steer or is bouncing when driving down the road, it's time to have the suspension serviced. Better handling of a vehicle will also allow a safer more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

The Parts and Function of a Suspension System

The suspension and steering system in your vehicle work together to maintain a comfortable ride at all times. 

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Differences Between Temporary and Full-Size Spare Tires

Are you driving around on a spare tire still? You may be causing damage to your vehicle with a compact spare that's not meant to go more than 50 miles. Many people think that a spare tire is a replacement for a flat, but it's only supposed to be used for temporary purposes. Once you go 50 miles, you will likely get another flat as donut tires are not meant to handle the full load of your vehicle.

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