A clean engine under the hood of your car can mean a decrease in dirt and debris getting inside hoses and other areas that have openings, keeping your car running a bit longer. If there are any large pieces of debris or any significant amounts of oil or liquids seen, then you want to remove those first before spraying the engine with a hose.

Let your car run for a few minutes so that the engine gets warm, making it easier to loosen dirt and debris instead of trying to work with a cold engine. If you're unsure of what to remove, then consult with Honda of Great Falls about how to properly clean your engine.

Degreaser can be used to help loosen grime on your engine before it's cleaned with water. You can also use soap to clean with, but it's not required in order to remove oil and other debris. When using a hose to wash the engine, try to use minimal pressure instead of a full force to prevent damage.

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