Stay Calm to Correct Icy Slides

Here at Honda of Great Falls, one of our main priorities is to keep our clients as safe as possible. While driving safely on dry roads during sunny conditions is hard enough, winter driving risks are exponentially worse. As a matter of fact, even drivers who take careful precautions can still lose control of their vehicles during icy weather. During times like these, it is vital for such drivers to remain calm and perform some simple actions that can help them regain control of their vehicles.

First of all, drivers should always remain calm and keep their eyes in the direction of skids. Doing so will help them to avoid making jerky reactions or hitting their brakes too hard. Hitting the brakes hard can cause wheels to lock up and the vehicle to lose directional control. In contrast, drivers who gently ease off the gas pedals and allow the vehicle's momentum to slowly subside often fare better.

If skids occur, drivers should turn into the skids. By turning into the skids, drivers can counteract the radial momentum of the spin and regain directional control. Finally, as drivers recover they should avoid oversteering in the opposite direction and fishtailing.

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