The Motion Sickness Dilemma

Children and adults alike may suffer from motion sickness when traveling in a vehicle, on an amusement park ride or being tossed to and from on a boat. It starts with mild nausea and quickly progresses to cold sweats and vomiting. However, a few tips might help prevent the mild illness from ruining your day.

Before putting your body in motion, try eating peppermint candy or have some ginger tea. The OTC formula Dramamine is also often helpful. While traveling in a land or water-based vehicle, try taking a nap. In this way, your central nervous system adjusts to the movement without getting confusing messages from your eyes. Some find that staring at the horizon or a distant point in front of them also helps prevent nausea. Before your next road trip, let us help you get prepared by performing an inspection of your vehicle at Honda of Great Falls.

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