Imagine this: you just had a long day at work and are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on a packed highway. You go to crank the A/C and are greeted with nothing but a hot breath across your face. Something in your vehicle's coolant system clearly isn't working, and there is a chance that could be the accessory drive belt that help runs your A/C's coolant pump.

Part of the system that helps your car produce the cold air you need to stay fresh after a long day at work is an accessory drive belt that helps power the coolant. These belts wear out over time and need to be replaced at regular maintenance intervals. Many folks neglect this until it's too late, but at Honda of Great Falls, our fantastic technicians can make sure this simple problem doesn't burn you up on down the road.

Nobody wants to be caught in bad traffic with no A/C on those surprisingly warm winter and spring days. Ensure that doesn't happen by having your belts serviced today at our Honda service shop.

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