Don’t Get Caught in the Rain Without Working Windshield Wipers

There is nothing worse than being caught in a storm, only to realize that you can’t see the road because your windshield wipers aren’t clearing off your windshield. If you have started to notice streaks or dirty spots on your windshield after turning on your wipers, your wiper blades are probably worn out.

The rubber in your wiper blades let’s them flex as they drag across the glass, pulling dirt and water off to the side of the windshield. With regular use, the friction on the windshield wiper blades causes them to wear out. Being in direct sun and natural oxidation of the rubber can also contribute to wiper blade wear.

When you have your car serviced, the service people at Honda of Great Falls in Great Falls, MT will inspect your wiper blades for wear and recommend a replacement if needed. Schedule an appointment today and keep your wipers working properly.

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