Differences Between Temporary and Full-Size Spare Tires

Are you driving around on a spare tire still? You may be causing damage to your vehicle with a compact spare that's not meant to go more than 50 miles. Many people think that a spare tire is a replacement for a flat, but it's only supposed to be used for temporary purposes. Once you go 50 miles, you will likely get another flat as donut tires are not meant to handle the full load of your vehicle.

Full-size spare tires, however, are typically the same model as your other tires and can be purchased as the 5th tire with a full set. However, many people do not store full-size spares in their vehicle as they are heavy and too large for most trunks. If you get a flat, you can use a full-size spare tire to replace your tire and continue to drive on it for many miles.

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