Properly Attached Air Dams Can Cool Your Motor Off

While the cooling system that resides under the hood of your vehicle contains many moving parts, it also includes a number of passive cooling components. One part that fits the bill in this regard is called the air dam.

While air dams are usually found on larger vehicles like minivans or SUVs, they also see use on smaller cars. These components are mounted beneath the grill of most vehicles and have aerodynamic shapes that channel speed-generated airflow up and through motors. This action complements the airflow from the engine fan and from the speed of the vehicle.

Well-mounted air dams can improve the cooling performance of your motor, bur poorly mounted or damaged ones may actually do more harm than good. At Honda of Great Falls in the Great Falls, MT area, we employ skilled and certified cooling system technicians that can give your cooling system components careful attention. For a no-obligation conversation about your cooling needs, come by our service department today.

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