Honda Expands Ohio Production For the 2018 Honda Accord

One of the reasons the Honda Accord is as popular as it is that it’s been made in Ohio since its birth in 1982. Since then, that plant in Marysville has been the birth place of 11 million examples across all nine generations. Last month, the tenth-generation version began production there—accompanied by 300 new jobs and a $267 million investment.

Where is all that money going, you might ask? The majority will be to upgrade the equipment for fabricating and assembling the 2018 Accord, while some will also go toward the nearby engine plant for the car’s new turbocharged engines. The majority, however, will go toward development of new technologies, with $165 million alone going to 342 welding robots.

Also significant is the addition of 300 jobs to the Maryville facility. As the first plant to produce a Japanese vehicle in the U.S. when it opened in 1982, and given the reputation of the Accord, these new workers will be joining a team that’s quite proud of what they do. Combined that with the 2018 model, which we recently reviewed, and we imagine they’ll take even more pride in their work!

More new Honda models means it’ll be easier to help you find the vehicle that speaks to you, just the way you want it. Got one in mind already? Our Great Falls, MT dealership can make it yours. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

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