2017 Honda Civic Type R Sets FWD Benchmark in Germany

Hot hatches like the Honda Civic Type R are kind of like competitive siblings—they always want to one-up each other. But what our preferred automaker is more concerned with is raising their own expectations. So while they designed this super-powerful version of the Civic to be full of performance fun, setting the record they did at Germany’s Nurburgring was just icing on the cake.

The new Type R made the run around the ‘ring in 7 minutes, 43.8 seconds. That’s a full seven seconds quicker than the ninth-generation, Euro-spec Type R, and 3 seconds quicker than the previous record holder. But having 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque is just the beginning of what enabled the Type R to make its mark.

Speed is a factor, but weight, rigidity, suspension, braking, and track all come into play. The Type R is lower and wider, aiding in stability, and its suspension has been tuned to further bolster this, especially when braking into a turn. The result of all these combined aspects shave needed seconds off the lap time.

What will you use your Civic Type R for? You better make up your mind, since it will be available in showrooms soon! Since it’s a lower volume model than the standard sedan or hatch, you might need to place an order through our Honda dealership in Great Falls, MT. Contact us to learn more.

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